The next webinar focuses on Title II, III, and IV, so I want to highlight funding and fiscal data to help you to obtain this information from your district. This will directly apply to the content we will cover in our final webinar of this series.

In consulting on your Title II program and how it can best benefit your students, you should be discussing the amount of funding available and how it was determined. If you have not requested funding information in past years, it’s a good idea to ask for the current school year and the upcoming school year so you can start a record of the funding you are receiving.

For Title II, ask for the following data for the current school year (actual) and the upcoming school year (projected):

Current School Year Next School Year
Total Allocation of Funds to LEA
+ Carryover Funds (Re-distributed)
+ Carryover Funds (for private school program)
+ or – Transferred Funds
Number of public school students
Number of private school students
Proportional share for private school program (including private school carryover)
Per pupil allocation for private school students (including private school carryover)



A similar chart can be developed for Title IVA. For Title III, the chart should contain the number of public and private school students who are English Learners and the number of public and private school students are are Immigrant Students and Youth in place of the total number of public school students and the total number of private school students.

If during the consultation process, you were able to receive a completed chart from the public school district on the details of program funding, you could ensure that the funding was equitable and have the information to ask follow up questions, such as how the count of students was taken, why the amount of carryover differs from your records, etc.

Do you routinely receive this detail about funding? Without it, are you confident that the funding is equitable for your students?  Is it helpful to have this discussion as part of a transparent consultation process?