Dear Colleagues:

Happy Memorial Day!  Although this was a holiday weekend unlike those in the past, I hope it was a good time for each and every one of you to re-boot and re-focus.

Last week I sent you by way of this mailing a series of funding worksheets that you can use during consultation with your public school counterparts to learn the proportional share of funds allocated to serve your students under CARES, ESSA, and IDEA.  Continuing in that same vein of looking across programs, today’s resource is a listing of consultation topics across each of these programs.

Fist, you will see that the consultation topics are very similar across the programs, even across those programs (such as CARES and IDEA) that are authorized by laws other than the Every Student Succeeds Act.  Secondly, the reason I have put them all into one document—in addition to pointing out the similarities—is that with virtual consultation becoming the norm for now, I hope this resource will help you to organize all of your discussions with the public school district to ensure that across all of these programs your students are receiving equitable participation.

As you rightly turn a lot of attention to CARES Act funding and services for your students, keep in mind that the equitable services due to your students in the 2019-20 school year do not go away.  By completing the funding worksheets with your public school district and then using this consultation guide, you can discuss not only next school year’s programs in each of the areas requiring equitable participation, but you can discuss the funds already spent this year, possible services this summer with 2019-20 school year funds, and carryover of funds to serve your students next year.

As always, you can visit my website at for recordings of past webinars and resources that can help you in navigating federal education programs.  If you have particular questions, click on the “Ask Michelle” button to be directed to my email.  I will do my best to help.

Take great care—stay safe and healthy.


Michelle L. Doyle

Michelle Doyle Educational Consulting