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ESSA Toolkit & Guidebook Bundle

ESSA Toolkit: A guide for Equitable Services for Private School Students

NEW!!! The ESSA Toolkit has been significantly revised to reflect new guidance and practices. This toolkit will serve as an up-to-date, comprehensive guide for equitable services under programs authorized by the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). The toolkit contains chapters on the consultation process, Title I, Title IIA Teacher Quality, Title III English Learners, and Title IVA Student Support and Academic Enrichment Grants. There are 34 tools to support your work in obtaining equitable services for your students, and the statutory language from ESSA that requires the equitable participation of private school students.

ESSA Consultation Guidebook

NEW!!! The ESSA Consultation Guidebook is a comprehensive yet concise tool that can be used to prepare for consultation and as a quick reference during the consultation process. It is a practical and useful companion to the more comprehensive ESSA Toolkit.

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IDEA Toolkit & Guidebook Bundle

IDEA Toolkit: Parentally Placed Private School Students and the Individuals with Disabilities Act

NEW!!! The IDEA Toolkit is a new publication designed to guide you through all of the provisions of IDEA from child find to equitable services. This toolkit provides you with clear and comprehensive information about the civil rights of your students, the federal education program benefits, the writing of the Individualized Services Plan, options for services to parentally placed private school students with disabilities, and the consultation process for obtaining equitable services for these students in your school.

IDEA: A Field Guide to Obtaining Effective Special Education and Related Services for Parentally Placed Private School Students

NEW!!! This IDEA Field Guide is a new publication designed to guide you through the process of obtaining equitable services under IDEA for your parentally placed private school students when those services have not been forthcoming through your public school district. This step-by-step field guide is designed to be used at whatever part of the process of pursing services you are in. It is based on the very successful process used by a coalition of private school organizations in Massachusetts. It is the next step publication to accompany the IDEA Toolkit.

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Services Across Federal Education Programs

Similar to materials prepared specific to ESSA programs that require equitable participation the following information looks across the programs of ESSA, IDEA, EANS, and the CARES Act in the areas of Academic Intervention, Student Services, Professional Development, and Special Needs to assist private school officials in planning coordinated services to best meet the needs of their students.
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Consultation Across Programs

Consultation is required whenever equitable services are required. There are a great many similarities between the topics required for consultation among all the federal education programs requiring equitable participation, although there are a few differences, also. These worksheets help private school officials navigate consultation among ESSA programs, IDEA, and the CARES Act.
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Funding Worksheet

The following worksheets can be used during timely and meaningful consultation with public school officials to help understand the proportional share of funds allocated for equitable services and how those funds were determined.
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IDEA: Failure of Child Find

This white paper is provided as a starting point for discussion of special education and related services under IDEA for parentally placed students attending private schools. This white paper focuses on public data from Local Educational Agencies (LEAs) and State Education Agencies (SEAs) concerning the number of children attending private schools who have been found through IDEA to have disabilities and the funds generated by these students.
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Maximizing ESSA Implementation

Maximizing ESSA Implementation are a resource collection of explanations and charts put together by MDEC under contract with Catapult Learning, a company that provides (among other services) federal education program services, under contract with public school districts, to private and religious school students nationwide. Maximizing ESSA Implementation are free resources that identify services to students through federal education program funds and then outline the various ESSA programs that can provide those services, cutting across programs to provide a comprehensive look at serving eligible students to best meet their needs. Click on the titles below to download the Implementation resources.
Academic Intervention
English Learners
Professional Development
Student Support Services