Dear Colleagues,

I last wrote to you in anticipation of the 11th annual Equitable Services Institute (ESI22).  It was great to see so many of you in person.  At that time, I also noted that 2023 was going to bring new content and new opportunities.

The first new opportunity in 2023 is directed toward building level administrators.  If you are not a building level administrator, please feel free to pass this opportunity on to your members and colleagues.  As in 2022, Catapult Learning is sponsoring a three-day virtual ESI that is directed toward building level administrators.  I am excited to be the presenter for these sessions.  The workshops will cover the essentials of understanding equitable services through federal education programs for students attending private schools. The content is tailored to those who are school principals and also find themselves responsible for working with their local public school district in order to ensure federal education program services for their students.  Each day will cover Title I, IDEA, professional development, English learners, and academic support services.   The focus of the days are Services, Funding, and Consultation.  There will be some time at the end of each session when I will answer written questions posed by participants.

Please encourage registration by your colleagues that could benefit from these sessions.  All the information needed is in the link below.  And watch this space for an announcement of new content in February!

All the best,