Dear Colleagues,

I hope that many of you—and your building level administrators—were able to participate in the virtual Equitable Services Institute earlier this month.  It was well-attended and the questions asked were thoughtful and indicative of the involvement of building level administrators in seeking equitable services for their students through federal education programs.  I hope that as a result of attendance, many of you added to this mailing list are building level administrators.

There is a new resource that was announced at the virtual ESI earlier this month that I want to be sure you all know about—an on-demand Principals’ Academy.  The idea behind the Principals’ Academy was to create a series of short training videos on equitable services to private school students through federal education programs.  The introductory content modules are live and ready for your viewing!

The PRINCIPALS’ ACADEMY is an on-demand training tool consisting of 7 distinct modules on the introductory level—this level will give you the “essentials” for participating in federal education programs.

Each module will focus on a specific federal education program or programs that provide equitable participation for private school students.

The maximum length of any on-demand module is 30 minutes. The modules are free and access is unlimited.  Modules can be viewed in any order.

Modules can be viewed on your own or used by a group of principals. Group discussion is included as an option for each module.

If you have follow up questions, go to and click on “Ask Michelle.”

All modules are located at

The module titles are:

I hope you’ll tune in to these resources!  If you have ideas for the next level of Principals’ Academy training videos, just let me know.

All the best,